Residential Support

Residential group home support is the core service provided by ICSS. ICSS currently manages six group homes within the Cumberland and Sarsfield areas. ICSS' residences are situated within a close proximity to each other which allows for shared resources.

ICSS offers a large range of supports including (but not limited to): residential, day and/or vocational, recreation, leisure, spiritual, emotional, psychological and medical needs. As part of our person centered planning, the tools being used are both quarterly reports as well as formal plans of cares being done on an annual basis. The annual plans include input from staff, families as well as community professionals such as behaviourists, psychologists, nutritionists and doctors.

All residents are cared for on a 24/7 basis. Each resident has goals and a plan to support those goals. The staff support includes the provision of personal care, daily hygiene, lifting and transfers, medication administration, feeding, meal preparation, specialized transportation, involvement in community activities, medical appointments, liaison with school or day program, as well as creating a warm, safe and friendly home environment.

Activities within our residences are very similar to what activities and routines would be found in any person's home. Staff and residents prepare meals, attend to grocery shopping, banking, laundry, chores with a number of social outings in between.

Residents within our program enjoy camaraderie with each other and often visit their peers living at other homes. ICSS often plans group events to celebrate the holidays, group birthday parties or just a day at the beach. Our residents have been very busy over the course of the last year. Besides everyday outings such as trips to the coffee shop, Birthday Parties, BBQ’s, walks and trips to Dairy Queen, we also attend some larger attractions. This year we have been to Park Omega, the Russell Fair, Cannamore Orhard, the Wakefield Steam Train, Disney on Ice and who can forget camp at Grippen Lake! In the winter of 2009, fundraising dollars helped see two residents leave on a dream of a lifetime trip to Disneyworld in Florida.