Wish List

Small Items

Medium Items

Large Items

Extra Large Items

Gardening Tools


Shelter for Shade


Rubber Boots

Chicken wire

Wood for Planter Boxes

Heavy Duty Lawnmower

Winter Clothing

Scrap wood

Harness and Cart

Permanent Gazebo

New Baseball Hats

First Aid Equipment (Stretchers, Splints, etc.)

Fencing Supplies

Bush Hog for tractor

Sports Equipment

Old Wheelchair

Plow for Ranger

Roller to pack trail

Hockey Sticks (Broken ok)


AED - Defibrilator

Electricity for Barn

Holiday Decorations

Hack Saw

Bush Hog for tractor

Horse Trailer/Stock Trailer

Craft Supplies

Electric Grinder


Pony Harness and Cart

Craft Paint

Screwdriver Set

Laundry and Dryer

Well for Water

AA and D Batteries

Socket Set

Custom Cover for Gazebo


Cat Food and Litter

Wrench Set

Air Compressor

Solar Heat for Barn

USB Sticks


Recipricating Saw


Measuring Spoons

Cross Country Skills

Rubber Mats for Barn Stalls


Measuring Cups

Barrels for planting in

Water Coolers


Mixing Bowls

Wheelchair for training



Books about animals

Bone Meal

Digital Projector


Horse Shoes for Crafts

Plant Fertilizer

Extra long water hoses


Leather Hole Punch

Peat Moss

Leaf Blower


Plant Clippers

Wood Screws

Large Band Saw


Planting Trowel

Heated Water Buckets for animals

Computer / Laptop


Wood Burner 

Vitamins for Horses




Skill Saw