Community Participation Supervisor (Enhanced Behaviour Supports)     Full Time

       *one year contract expiring March 31, 2016


ICSS is currently looking for a Community Participation Supervisor (EBS) with experience and passion for leadership in supporting individuals who require intensive behavioural support. This position provides Supervisory support for the Community Participation Worker (EBS) who reports to The Community Participation Manager. The Supervisor will be primarily responsible for coordinating and monitoring the activities and tasks being performed on all shifts in order to ensure that the standards of care and program goals are being met at all times within the program in which they are assigned and includes planning and implementation.  These programs provided case management, outreach, advocacy services and care planning to individuals who have: a developmental delay, physical disabilities, a dual diagnosis and/or challenging behaviours.  The Community Participation Supervisor (EBS) will be overseeing a team of staff who will be working within different hospital locations and will also occasionally participate in existing ICSS programs.




  • >CYW, SSW or DSW with 3 years experience in the field working with individuals managing mental health issues in the community, or an equivalent combination. 

  • >Must have knowledge of medical terminology as well as valid, current CPR/First Aid, CPI training, vulnerable sector & sexual offenses police check. 

  • >The use of a personal vehicle to drive to different locations, clean driver’s license 

  • >Ability to write, speak and communicate in enhanced English and French.  (Bilingual is essential) 

  • >Superior computer knowledge & skill with MS Office programs 



  • >Current hands-on experience and knowledge of positive behaviour support as it applies to the areas of developmental disabilities and other special populations (e.g. brain injury, autism, dual diagnosis etc.) 

  • >At least 2 years’ experience directly coordinating and leading staff including: scheduling, conducting performance reviews, ensuring staff are completing plans and reports as required.   

  • >Experience and ability to deal with behavioural & crisis situations. Must have experience working with individuals who have aggressive and challenging behaviours; including the proper and safe use of restraints. 

  • >Experience in writing or participating in the creation of behavioural or other support plans that address needs and behaviours of adults with disabilities. 

  • >Understanding of case management, mental health, crisis intervention and long term care, development service sector, community resources and program development. 

  • >Experience collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team, proven experience with problem-solving as team members in a flexible, empathetic, resourceful, and productive manner. 

  • >Ability to thinking ethically and professionally and to clearly communicate different perspectives and rationale for decision making within a behavioural framework. 

  • >Proven track record of developing and building teams, encouraging and building mutual trust, respect and cooperation among team members. 

  • >Excellent skills in communicating with both peers and staff; providing information to co-workers in a timely manner, accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with stressful situations. 


  • >Create staffing schedule for the Community Participation Enhanced Behaviour Support Program falling under your lead, ensure staffing is covered to allow for time off requests and sick leave.  Be willing to work front line in the event of short staffing. 

  • >Provide support and guidance to individual staff and the staff team; assist with conflicts, lead meetings. 

  • >Ensure behavior supports and protocols are being followed by staff exactly as determined for each participant and staff are continuously engaging with participants. 

  • >Ensure that participants are actively striving to reach their goals as outlined and determined in their ISP’s and individual plans.   

  • >Work collaboratively and communicate effectively and professionally within a multi-disciplinary team, including hospital nurses, doctors, social workers, and hospital administration. 

  • >Read and organize any DSO information and documentation, such as SIS, ASR and other relevant documentation, etc. 

  • >Responsible for ensuring participant information and records are update and accurate; ensure timely data collection and recording of all encounters. 

  • >Monitor and ensure completion of all end of month/quarterly reports, such as attendance sheets, individual program summaries, program outlines, program session plans, program budget expenses and ISP’s. 

  • >Assist in the creation and development of Behaviour Support Plans and Protocols with all necessary professionals including Manager of Community Participation. 

  • >Ensure all serious occurrence reports are reported to the Manager of Community Participation within one hour; ensure incident reports are to be reviewed, followed up and forwarded to the Manager of Community Participation for sign off. 

  • >Maintain a flexible work schedule that accommodates the needs of the participants and ICSS.  


While the Community Participation Supervisor (EBS) will typically work Monday to Friday, they will also be required to work a day every other weekend as required.  There is also an on call element to this positon.



The rate of pay for this position is between $54,000 and $58,250 per year, based upon experience. Please note:  mileage to travel to and from the work location will not be paid as an additional expense, nor will hospital parking costs.


To Apply:

All interested parties should apply in writing before May 10, 2015.  Please include your resume, as well as a cover letter outlining your accomplishments as well as additional information indicating why you would be suitable for this position.  This position will also be posted externally.   Successful internal applicants will return to their current position at the end of this contract, should the contract not be extended.

Please apply via email to Gayle Cameron, HR Manager at .