Residential Supervisor- Biscayne & Du Domaine
1 Full Time Position available - 1 year contract



ICSS is recruiting a Residential Supervisor who coordinates the staff and oversees the day to day running of (2) ICSS Residence. Reporting to the Director of Residential Services, the Residential Supervisor will be primarily responsible for coordinating and monitoring the activities and tasks being performed on all shifts in order to ensure that the standards of care and program goals are being met at all times within the specific residences in which they are assigned. Please note these positions have an On Call 24/7 on a rotating basis as required element as well as 10 hour shifts as required. Supervisors will be required to work 1-2 weekends a month (which may include more weekends if needed).

* Days/Evenings/Weekends*On Call as required *10 hour shifts as required.



  • >DSW, CYW or SSW or 3 years experience in the field working with
          developmentally delayed individuals.


  • >Must have CPR/First Aid/CPI training. 

  • >Knowledge of medical terminology medical terminology, pharmacology
          knowledge, knowledge of principles and methods for
          curriculum and programming training.

  • >Must have a clean G driver license and a reliable vehicle. 




  • >Must have experience working with individuals who have
          behavioral support needs, aggressive behaviours, dual diagnosis and complex needs.

  • >Experience and knowledge with Behavioural Support Plans.

  • >Experience working with individual’s with autism, mental health diagnosis,
          anxiety, suicidal ideations, triggers, data collecting and summarizing etc.

  • >Skilled in writing/using the individual support plan, at least three years recent
          experience involving individuals with intellectual and/or physical challenges
          as well as med administration experience.

  • >Written communication skills to complete forms/reports. 

  • >Effective conflict resolution, problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

  • >Recognizes and adheres to professional boundaries. 

  • >Have computer literacy to operate computerized client care information system
          and word processing, spreadsheet, Internet and email software.

  • >Organizing, planning and prioritizing work, developing specific
          goals and plans to prioritize, organize and accomplish work tasks.


  • >Ensure quarterlies are typed and completed by staff. Sign off on
          them then file; ensure house petty cash receipts are accurate. 

  • >Create staffing schedule for the home falling under your lead,
          to be completed to include an 8 week time period. 


  • >Lead and/or assist in the orientation and training of new staff members,
          report status of their progress to the Management Team. Complete initial training
          schedule and ensure medication administration training is completed within 30 days
          of new hire start date, ensure documentation is submitted to
          Director of Residential Services. 

  • >Ensure each staff member understands and follows the proper protocol for
          shift change and ensure that the appropriate forms are completed accurately
          in a timely manner. 

  • >Ensure staff is continuously engaging with clients in both indoor
          and outdoor activities as well as regular outings. 

  • >Ensure behavior protocols/guidelines are being followed by staff
          exactly as determined for each client within their assigned residence. 

  • >Write 6 week, 3 month and annual performance reviews and have them reviewed
          by the Director of Residential Services. Once reviewed, conduct performance
          reviews with all staff, ensure annual med training is completed. 

  • >Arrange and organize ISP meetings in conjunction with the Director
          of Residential Services; help to ensure plans are appropriate for individual resident. 

  • >Monitor all documentation including the med books, day program reports,
          communication book and daily logs, report significant changes in a client’s status. 

  • >Monitor staff discourse and ensure that discussion is appropriate,
          discipline if necessary in conjunction with the Director of Residential Services. 

  • >Ensure that the staff meeting agenda is posted at least one week prior
          to staff meeting; conduct all staff meetings for the two houses
          falling under their responsibility. 

  • >Order, pick up and record all resident prescriptions on MAR sheets and in client
          binders, ensure medication information is available to all staff. 

  • >Be flexible and available to cover shifts when staffing cannot be found. 

  • >Attend Supervisor meetings with other ICSS supervisors monthly. 

Extra Skills

  • >Co-operation, requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a
          good-natured cooperative attitude. 

  • >Developing and building teams, encouraging and building mutual trust,
          respect and cooperation among team members. 

  • >Leadership, job requires a willingness to lead, take charge and offer
          opinions and direction. 

  • >Ability to remain calm and cope in a busy environment. 

  • >Previous supervisory experience an asset. 

Application Information:

All interested parties should apply in writing before Wednesday, May 24th , 2017 at midnight. Please include your resume, as well as a cover letter outlining your accomplishments as well as additional information indicating why you would be suitable for this position. This position is posted externally as well as within ICSS, in the event that a suitable candidate not be found internally.



Email to :

In Person:      2025 Lanthier Drive, Suite A

                      Orleans ON K4A 3V3