Our Team

ICSS employs an incredibly dedicated workforce made up of people who have chosen to make a career working within our homes and services. We are very fortunate to have a relatively low turn-over rate and a significant number of long-term service employees. ICSS has an opened door policy and welcomes staff’s input and opinions regarding the overall day to day details of the organization.

We place a high value on staff experience and depth of understanding of ICSS’ philosophy and approach toward the individuals we support and their families.

Jaynee Champagne, Executive Director

Patricia Clement, Executive Assistant

Leona Lortie, Human Resources

Amanda Clark, Director of Residential Programs

Cindy Whittley, Director of Residential Programs

Kelly Murphy, Adult Community Participation Manager

Rebecca Chamberland, Director of Community Services

Front-Line Staff. Amazing growth now has ICSS with approxiametly 150 staff. These are the people that care for our residents and participants day in and day out. Without them the agency would not be able to function and we would not move ahead and continue to grow.

We have an excellent team with varied expertise that will take ICSS forward to our future endeavours. Our expertise lies with complex medical residents requiring total care as well as behavioural support. ICSS is dedicated towards planning for the future to establish group homes and other programs that will continue our development for a support system for the numerous clients in the Ottawa area. It is our responsibility, as well as other agencies in this area, to plan for future endeavours to successfully support the long waiting list of Service Coordination clients.

ICSS looks toward the future, using our past and present expertise to continue its road of successful care giving, We will continue to implement these plans with the assistance of our valued Board of Directors, staff, clients and their families, MCSS and the community.