Mission Statement

Innovative Community Support Services (ICSS) is a non-profit charitable organization that is committed to creating and providing families & individuals with innovative, high quality and cost effective community based programs and services that promote a strong sense of well being while making a positive contribution to our culturally diversified community.

(Charitable registration # 87814 2413 RR0001)

Vision Statement

ICSS will be an excellent provider of quality services to:

  • people with developmental disabilities; and 

  • their personal networks. 

We will act for and advocate on behalf of these citizens to achieve their hopes and dreams.

We will act with integrity and provide maximum overall value for resources entrusted to us.

We will be known and respected in the community.

We will collaborate with others in the community to support the pursuit of common goals.

Service Principles

Innovative Community Support Services, Service Principles will be the cornerstone and guidelines for our every action and help us work toward the common goals defined in the Mission Statement.

Commitment to Individuals Rights

ICSS is committed to ensuring all individuals are informed of their rights and will create an environment that supports those rights and allows for the person to exercise their rights responsibly.

Commitment to Dignity & Independence

ICSS is committed to treating all people in a way that respects their dignity and independence.  People will be supported in the least restrictive manner, given needed information and will be able to exercise choice in and control over all decisions that affect their lives.

Commitment to Individual Focus

ICSS is committed to ensuring that a person’s individual abilities, interests and needs are used for the planning, development and delivery of support and services for them, and that an individual support plan will be created with them and/or their advocate(s).

Commitment to Personal Growth

ICSS is committed to people having lifelong opportunities and support to grow and fulfill their dreams and goals.  


Commitment to Community Participation

ICSS is committed to people having opportunities to actively participate in and fully contribute to their community.

Commitment to Staff Quality and Development

ICSS is committed to fostering a work environment where staff members see their role as supporting the needs and goals of the individual. ICSS will employ and develop staff that will provide the best quality of service and we will empower staff to be committed to the Rights of the person, and the Mission and Service Principles of ICSS.

Commitment to Planning and Collaboration

ICSS shall plan its future programs in cooperation with other services and/or planning bodies, by assessing the future needs of currently supported individuals and projected needs of individuals who have a developmental disability within the Ottawa area, and working collaboratively with any necessary service providers to meet those needs.

Commitment to Innovative Services

ICSS shall ensure that there is an awareness of new techniques, trends and developments in the field of supporting individuals with a developmental disability, and where appropriate, will utilize recommended best practices.

Commitment to Economy

ICSS is committed, in the provision of its services, to maximize cost benefit and cost effectiveness while ensuring that the person’s best interests are met.