ICSS was incorporated in June 2001 as a charitable organization that focuses on providing high quality, cost effective programs and services to the for communities in Eastern Ontario. ICSS is a transfer payment agency through the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

The Beginning…

Birchgrove Residence is a residential group home where it all began in June of 2001.  In July 2009 the residents moved out to their new home located on Barnwell Crescent.  This location became the home of the Adult Alternative Support Program for a period of time.

Colonial Residence opened in May 2006. This adult group home is located approximately 5 kilometers from our original group home and supports 8 residents.

Royal Orchard Residence opened in November 2006 and provides a home for 6 residents. This totally redesigned for wheelchair accessibility home is located approximately 5 kilometers from our Colonial Residence.

Golightly Residence opened in June 2007, and is the home to 8 residents. This residence again is within a few kilometers of our other homes, being particularly close to Royal Orchard.

Willow Residence opened in November of 2008 as a new home for 6 individuals. This location will also serve as a respite home for two other individuals. In keeping with ICSS’ other locations, Willow is also just a few kilometers from our other residences.

Barnwell Residence is a residential group home that supports 6 adults who have a variety of physical and developmental disabilities; these residents moved from the Birchgrove location and was opened in July 2009.

Hobby Farm/Russell Road opened in July 2009, being ICSS' first residence for our Mental Health Program.  This location is unique in that it is set up for future growth for the Adult Alternative Support Program.  Currently, the green house is underway and plans for animals to be added are underway.  The Hobby Farm will be enjoyed by all of our existing residents and community participants.

Nagel Residence opened in August 2010 and is an addition to the Mental Health Program.  A smaller residence in the heart of Orleans is our first venture into the "city" which is accessible to public transportation.

Tompkins Residence also opened in August of 2010 and is part of the Cumberland Housing project.  Three bungalows are the new home to 6 residents; this location is also in the Orleans area.

2025 Lanthier Drive became part of the ICSS group in October 2010.  This fantastic location is located in Orleans, right in the hub of the new developments around Innes and 10th Line.  This bright building with many windows became the new home of the Adult Support Program in October of 2010.  It will also become the new home of the Main Office, which will move from the Navan location in December of 2010 after the Support Program has had a chance to settle in.

The residents being served in our residences require 24-hour staff support to assist them with a variety of needs due to their physical and medical requirements. The staff assist individuals with personal care, daily hygiene, medication administration, meal preparation, specialized transportation, involvement in community activities, medical appointments, liasion with day programs, and, most importantly, creating a caring, safe and friendly home environment. At all of our homes, it is our goal to enrich the lives of the residents and their families. ICSS strives to include parents, siblings and extended family, in the day-to-day operation of the program. This aspect will help create the best possible quality of life for the residents of the home. It is our focus to provide a variety of activities, events and outings that are fun and meaningful for the residents. Activities such as exercise, cooking, and music are incorporated into the daily routines. Many of our residents have memberships at the YM-YWCA allowing them to participate in swimming, volleyball, etc. Each resident and their family are encouraged to have a say in the types of activities and events that are planned. Encouraging the residents to make choices about issues that are directly related to them permits them to become more independent and increase their sense of self worth.

Family commitment and involvement are essential for Innovative Community Support Services Residences to run effectively. Regular family visits to the home helps parents and siblings feel that they are part of a larger team working to create a stable and caring environment. Family involvement can go beyond just visiting. Parents and family members need and want to continue to advocate for their children, even if they are now adults.